Recurring accounting and bookkeeping services.

For small businesses, start-ups, franchises and small foreign subsidiaries in Europe and across the United States.

Your Goals

Focus on your revenue generating business activities. We fulfill your extra tasks of accounting and bookkeeping everyday.


Our Management has over 25 years of experience in corporate accounting in Europe and across the United States. We've held positions from junior accounting managers to Chief Financial Officers.


Small businesses, start-ups, franchises, and small subsidiaries of foreign corporations. Their industries are diverse and their annual revenues range from thousands to millions.

Web-based Accounting & Bookkeeping

Business Consulting

Lockbox Services

We assign a bilingual account manager who is dedicated to your lockbox needs. Our bilingual account manager, handles all your customer's payments and assures their deposit into your bank account throughout our entire relationship.

We provide you with a unique mailing address at our offices, in the name of your company, in order to receive all your customer's payments by check.

Upon reception, we process your customer's checks, enter & scan them, endorse them, and deposit them into your bank account.

Immediately following each deposit to your bank, we email you with the checks processed, which includes scanned images of each check deposited to your bank account that day.

What our customers say

Having come from a large corporation with a complex customized accounting system, aclimating to Quickbooks was challenging. That is where I sought the support and expertise of James West. His extensive knowledge of Quickbooks provided me with the tools that I needed to effectively manage the finances of our organization. All within a very short timeframe. I recommend him very highly.

We lost our bookkeeper, our books were a mess and we needed to bring them up to date quickly and accurately. Jim was professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. We made arrangements quickly over email and he arrived right at the agreed time the next day. Jim was able, in short order, to clean up mistakes our old bookkeeper made and then enter a massive amount of new data into the right buckets with amazing speed. We passed the audit with ease! Thanks Jim!

James quickly understood the scope of our problem over the phone and was able to advise us to take pro-active steps to minimize his time on site. His visit to our office was efficient with minimum disruption and our problems were resolved to our complete satisfaction. His follow up service and advice have been equally invaluable. All in all, an excellent consultant who inspires confidence and stands by his work.


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